5 Top-Rated Singapore Tourist Attractions Places

5 Top-Rated Singapore Tourist Attractions Places

Singapore is the most beautiful and richest development country in Southern East Asia. It’s an international country. Singapore is one of the cleanest and most orderly cities in the world. If you are a million years, then you will go to Singapore to visit a beautiful environment. Only rich persons will go there if you have money than purchase an Airplane ticket. Overall, the world the Singapore tourist Attractions places are top ranking.

In Singapore have luxury hotels, Shopping mall, Sports cars, Beach’s, Fine dining. In this country have many luxury hotels also amazing public transport, local trains, Taxi cars. The local person can travel easily in everywhere. Once you purchase a metro map and you have no problem to find the destination. Its national language is English. English is spoken in every town to communicate easily. Singapore has high alert security. In every town, city police are performed over best. They have no terrorist threat in this country, people are safely live in a house. In Singapore, 12-month weather is lovely to cool. This country has many beautiful places just like a Marina Bay, Chinatown, Sunday brunch at the Fullerton.

Marina Bay:

Singapore Tourist Attractions Places

The Marina Bay sands Resort is luxury end hotels, within the mall, and the most beautiful swimming pool. It has the Art Science Museum in the resort, and the pool is reached at the top of the hotel, only hotel guests use this pool but visitor they can see this pool. Skypark the visitor or guest can see the Gardens by the Sands, the double helix bridge, and the port. In the resort, the security is high alert, the thousands of the cameras watching 24 hours the movement of guests, staff, and every person who visits the Marina Bay Sand. In the tower, they have 23 stories.

Raffles Hotel Singapore:     


The Raffles hotel is located in the city Colonial District, which has also several other historic sites and the good place is based on yourself in the city. Raffles hotel is open in 19 century. The Antique Grandfather Clock keeps its place in the grand lobby. All the suites in the Raffles Hotel have been newly refurbished. In the hotel, every room card is embossed with famous guests of the hotel over the year, Before Raffles has Jubilee Hall but, now Jubilee hall is converted into Ballroom. In ballroom have 3,000 seating guests’ arrangements. This space is famous for authors who have stayed at the hotel.


singapore chinatown

Chinatown is the most famous place in Singapore. If you visited China, the Singapore Chinatown is similar to the china food market. There are much excitement and hustle in this district. If you can go to Chinatown than visit the Chinese Heritage Centre and see the amazing, beautiful Sir Mariamman Hindu temple. If you are got up early morning, you can hear the morning drum ceremony, and you can see the closing ceremony in the evening after viewing the relic. The heritage markers have been installed into English, Japanese, and Chinese, so a visitor can understand easily the sign of the area

Sentosa Island:

sentosa beach singapore

Sentosa Island is an amazing and famous beach place in Singapore.  It’s a proper built-island. The visitor enjoys and fun with families and friends at the beach, they also play volleyball in free courts. Marlon park inside on the Sentosa island. In Singapore, these famous head points are the lion and the body of the fish in artificial structure. The visitor enjoys the beach with wonderful air and beautiful weather also gains the sunbath into the beach and swim underwater with a blue dolphin. In Sentosa, they have themes parks, golf, shopping mall, dining and moreover everything is available on the island. This island the most famous in Singapore Tourist Attractions Places.


Universal Studios Singapore:

sentosa singapore

Universal Studios is the historical park to the kind of Southeast Asia. In the universal studios’ park, they have more than 15 theme zones just like a New York, Hollywood, Madagascar, and last World. If a visitor has been a plan going to universal studios then hare the taxi or cab and they easily go to this park, they have many historical things in this park. More families and children also make the various live shows, kids roller coaster and merry-go-round include.

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